The Emerging Medical Tourism Market

Medical tourism is a fresh and emerging form of business that the world is slowly getting used to. It is referred to the travel of people to other countries in order to undergo medical treatments and surgeries. This usually occurs due to the quality and affordability of treatments aboard than in one’s home country. The medical tourism market is in budding phase and is likely to gain momentum during the coming years.

One of the key factors that influence medical travel is certainly the soaring rates of healthcare in the world’s developed countries. Today, due to the height of unemployment, people can no longer meet the expense of health insurance. If a person does not receive the compulsory health insurance, his only alternative is to seek medical help abroad, at an affordable rate.

Top Medical Tourist Destinations

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan research revealing the top medical tourist destinations by volume of care, Thailand topped the list. Hungary came in second followed by India, Singapore and Malaysia respectively.

CNN reports that Thailand is likely to scrape up eight billion US dollars in medical tourism dollars within a period of two years, stating that Bangkok’s Bumrungrad International Hospital, a gleaming 22-floor facility with more than 554 beds and 30 specialty centers, sees more than a million patients per year, 40 percent of which come from 190 foreign countries.

Complicated procedures including bypass, dental and wide variety of options are availabe breast reduction surgery gold coast are more popular and widely conducted in countries such as Hungary, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the Philippines.

However, first class cosmetic surgery procedures are available at reasonable rates in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico and Turkey. As far as cosmetic surgery is concerned, patients are inclined to seek out the best treatments abroad as they are not covered by insurers.

Picking the Right Surgeons Abroad

Medical tourism has more to just less-expensive procedures and holiday sprees. Doing your own research first can save you time and a great deal of money. Quality surgeons, their expertise, technology and facilities also tell us more about the reliability and trust we can place on the surgeon.

Unveiling the Downside

Undergoing surgeries in a stranger country has its disadvantages too. Many health experts warn against the procedures abroad due to the varying sterilization practices from country to country. These tend to open doors to infections and eventually result in health risks.

Besides, undergoing surgery in a different country may sometimes require certain patients to fly back and forth to the country in order to meet with the surgeon in case of emergency.