Restore Body Energy With Tesla Plates

Have you ever wondered that any object can help to improve your health, heal your body or stimulate positive energy to it? The introduction of positive energy plates has enabled to treat your health. These are purple colored plates that are often referred to as tesla plates. These plates are known to have the restorative properties. Hence, they are able to maintain the positive energy level in the body.

Tesla healing plate helps to capture the energy from various sources which are free from the radiations. You can view their benefits by placing the tesla plates over the mobile phones or in the house. You will feel that there is an increased energy level and there will be no harmful effect of the radiations.

Benefits of tesla products

The benefits of tesla products like The Tesla healing plate and pendants are as follows:

  • These raise the vibratory frequency of the persons who use them.
  • These products help to attract the positive energy from different sources and penetrate it into the bodies of living beings.
  • The tesla energy plates also help to change the taste of some edibles like wine, coffee, cigarettes. It makes pineapple, sweet.
  • When you wear the tesla pendant or plate, you will feel less fatigue & stay energetic all the time.
  • Many people used to keep these plates under their pillow, which makes them rejuvenated when they wake up in the morning.
  • When the energy plates are placed under the flower vase, it keeps the flowers fresh for a long time.
  • Tesla products relieve you from morning sickness and migraine pain.
  • The growth of the plants or trees can be stimulated if the positive energy plates are kept under the trees or nearby.
  • Tesla products have also shown positive effects from the distance also.
  • Tesla items acts as the healing products for the cuts, wounds, abrasions and burns on the body.

Power of purple

The tesla plates and similar products are purple in color. The tesla products are showing positive effects on the persons, therefore, its applicability has been increased. You can find that people are wearing tesla jewelries to keep themselves energetic. Tesla jewelry includes purple earrings, crystal necklace and bracelets.

How it works?

The atomic structure of the purple plate allows electronic particles of the aluminum plates to vibrate and create the effect of resonance. With the constant movement of the atomic particles, tesla products create an energy field around it. The energy created is the positive energy which is capable of penetrating through various materials by osmosis.