Different Back Problems And Symptoms

The normal way we feel that we have a back problem is feeling a pain. This is the most common symptom in back problems. You can do treatments by your own at some circumstances but not always. So, it is important to know the condition of your pain. The reason of it is it reflects different problems and medical treatments. Given below are some of the back problems and symptoms that you should be careful of.

Temporary back pain

You must have experienced pains for few days. These can be healed by massaging, fomenting with warm water and balms. This does not exist long but in some cases they do. If so, please consult your doctor for further treatment. This temporary back pains will occur due to wrong postures, lifting heavy things and bending for a long time.

Lower back pain

Again due to wrong lifting techniques, lack of exercise and also excess body weight can cause a lower back pain. Most of the time injuries that happened some time ago may come again through these pains. This happens to a lot of people when they fall or slip once or twice in the same spot. Stress and bad postures may also contribute to these pains. If so, consult a spine specialist in Brisbane for further treatments instead of wasting your time in applying ointments that won’t agree you. Also use the correct methods and postures in your day to day activities to reduce the risk of pains.

Inflammation in spine

This type of pain comes up when your muscles are stretched beyond capacity. Sometimes you may not experience the pain instantly, but within a few days time, if that was the actual reason, the symptoms will come with a serious pain. Consult your doctor for treatments. Also it will take some time to heal but if you stay at home doing your own treatments, it will never cure. View this page for further information regarding disc replacement surgery.

Whiplash in soft tissues

Whiplashes occur when you experience vehicle accidents and when also due to sudden jerks and accelerations. Normally this affects a lot to your neck. When this happens you will find it hard to move your neck and you will find it in a stuff position. Your spine specialist will treat the stiff neck by placing a medical soft collar around it. He will also prescribe you pain killers and relaxants if you need them. Never to take medicines without your doctor’s permission. Also you will find it hard to eat, drink and breathe. This hard time will continue for like few days until you find yourself used to it. The healing process depends on the injury and the treatments you will be needing.