5 Eating Mistakes Leading To Pack On Pounds

A piece of brown bread is simply a piece of brown bread. However, for most of us, it is a delicious sandwich material with lots of cheese, mayonnaise, salt, butter, chicken fillets, veggies and much more ingredients. When you eat it up, you are too happy that you are taking a healthy breakfast with fruit juice and eggs. But have you ever thought of the extra mayonnaise, butter, cheese and salt? You are consuming a huge amount of calorie through this food items. None can help you in losing weight if you continue eating like this. Your pleasure seeking brain will try to make the menu for the day and that is why, your body is at risk of putting on weight. Say ‘no’ to your tasty bud’s demand and have a look into the mistakes you should sidestep right now.

5 eating mistakes that you should avoid

1. Enjoy your tea: Tea is refreshing drink and you should enjoy it. But taking two spoonful of sugar and some more milk make your tea a tasty drink, not a healthy one. Opt for the skinny tea and soon in some weeks you will be slimmer. Make the change soon before you welcome some more unwanted pounds.

2. You love alcohol: Whether you love to drink or do it occasionally, just because it is a type of liquor, it is not at all helpful. They are not as healthy as the skinny tea. Alcohol helps in increasing weight and these extra pounds will make you feel more uncomfortable in your favorite party attire.

3. Olive oil is your favorite: Extra virgin oil is good for your health and you must use it in the salads as well as soups. But it never means that you will go for dipping into the olive oil. Never forget that this oil has fifty-four grams of fat in one fourth of a cup. So use the pastry brush to put the oil on the food items.

4. Fix your snacking time: Grabbing some snacks to eat just before your dinner will increase your weight. As you have just returned from office, you are naturally hungry. Therefore, it is better to have some food that is healthy for you. And you can make your dinner earlier to satisfy your hunger. This will balance your hunger and prevent from putting on extra weight.

5. Eating in the car: Random eating whatever you like in the car, will make you heavier. Say no to excessive food craving and eat fruits.