Staying Fit at Home


Staying fit and healthy is something every human should strive to do. While some run, others jump, cycle, swim, row for fitness. There is also an idea being built up that to be fit, you need to join a gym or purchase all forms of exercise equipment. This, I am afraid is utter lies. There is no such need or requirement. Simply cleaning alone is an activity that exercises your body and helps you remain healthy and feeling good. Here are a few forms of known exercises that you can do at home without having to purchase heavy equipment.

Exercises with only a Mat

There is no need for heavy and expensive equipment anymore. There are a number of exercises you can do at home simply with the use of a mat. Pilates are one such form which can be done in front of a TV at home simply on a mat.

This form of physio in Crows Nest helps strengthen the core muscles and helps increase fitness and flexibility in the body as a whole.

There are other exercises such as lunges, plank, sit ups and burpees which strengthen all parts of the body and is an intense workout within a few minutes. Have a small fitness schedule of your own based on where and what parts of the body you want to manage first and keep this to a twenty to thirty minutes. With time increase the number of sheds done while mixing up the order and exercises. Our bodies tend to get used to the same workout and almost immune to it, thus have a few fun exercises to mix and match with from time to time.

Yoga – Yoga is a form of exercises that necessarily started off as a meditation technique. However, as the different forms of yoga help keep active and increases flexibility within the body, a lot of countries have now adapted it as a form of exercise. Based on your requirement and your body type, there are various forms of yoga you can choose from. Hatha yoga is one that helps you calm your minds as well as body with the use of fluid movements. This form is one of the most common seen in the world and is ideal for busy career driven individuals who may have a high risk of stress. There are also other forms such as power yoga which are a lot faster in movement and quicker in the workout. This form of exercise is ideal for those who usually find the slow movements of yoga dull and boring and also for those with a tendency of running away or shutting down in the face of problems.